Spectral Brand +4 is an enchanted weapon which inflicts 1d8+4 points of slashing damage and 1d4 points of cold damage and it has a -4 THAC0 bonus. The blade can be used once per day to summon a spectral blade, which will fight for the wielder and deals 1d8+3 points of damage for 4 rounds. The weapon weighs 2 lbs. and it has a speed factor of 1. This weapon requires a Strength of 8 to wield.

This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. It can be obtained on the third floor of Watcher's Keep from the cambion Aesgarath with the deck of cards. He will not drop it upon his death. This weapon can be upgraded by Cespenar, which requires the Skull of the Lich and some gold.

In-game description (before upgrading)Edit

Legend has it that the the souls of those who fall beneath this dark blade are forever enslaved, and can be summoned to fight invisibly at the side of the very one who defeated them.


Spectral Brand +5 now deals 1d8+5 points of damage and 1d6 points of cold damage and has -5 THAC0 bonus. The weapon has two new abilities as well, it gives the wielder protection from the Negative Plane and it has the ability of Armor Piercing Strike, which can be used once per day to increase THAC0 by 10 points for 3 rounds.

The Armor Piercing Strike could be used in combination with a wielder who can use Whirlwind or Greater Whirlwind to do a lot of accurate attacks in a short amount of time. The summoned spectral blade ability is unchanged by the upgrade. This weapon is a very powerful weapon for druids and perhaps a very good weapon for bards and warriors as well.

In-game description (after upgrading)Edit

Drawing on the necromancy of the Skull of the Lich, Spectral Brand is now an instrument of unholy death that should never have been unleashed upon the Realms.


  • & before the upgrade.
  •  ! after the upgrade.