The Staff Mace (Staff Mace +2 in-game) is a Quarterstaff +2 which can transform into a mace, although when wielded it is a mace always, even for mages. This weapon has the properties of both staff and mace; it is a weapon which can be wielded in one hand and be used by anyone. This weapon is very similar to the Staff Spear +2, but there are some differences. In Baldur's Gate, this weapon is in the blunt weapons proficiency, but in BG:EE it is in the quarterstaff proficiency.



(Baldur's Gate)

This clerical weapon appears to be a normal wooden staff of the type used when trekking in the wilderness. It gives off a very faint aura of alteration magic.  Upon identification of the command word, the staff takes on the attributes of a mace, which allows it to be wielded with one hand. This was designed for both priests and druids.

(Baldur's Gate EE)

This weapon appears to be a normal large walking staff, but it has a faint aura of alteration magic. Uttering the command word causes the staff to assume the attributes of a mace, allowing it to be welded with one hand. This was likely designed for Clerics or Druids, though that does not preclude use by others.


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