The Staff Mace is a Quarterstaff +2 which can transform into a mace, although when wielded it is a mace always, even for mages. This weapon has the properties of both staff and mace; it is a weapon which can be wielded in one hand and be used by anyone. This weapon is very similar to the Staff Spear +2, but there are some differences. In Baldur's Gate, this weapon is in the blunt weapons proficiency, but in BG:EE it is in the quarterstaff proficiency.

In Baldur's Gate this weapon can be found in a locked chest in Dradeel's Cabin on the Isle of Balduran.

In Baldur's Gate II it is dropped by Haz either when you kill him or if he is killed by the Grimwarders in the Athkatla Graveyard tombs. It is also sold in the Temple of Umberlee in Brynnlaw.

In-game descriptionEdit

(Baldur's Gate)

This clerical weapon appears to be a normal wooden staff of the type used when trekking in the wilderness. It gives off a very faint aura of alteration magic.  Upon identification of the command word, the staff takes on the attributes of a mace, which allows it to be wielded with one hand. This was designed for both priests and druids.

(Baldur's Gate EE)

This weapon appears to be a normal large walking staff, but it has a faint aura of alteration magic. Uttering the command word causes the staff to assume the attributes of a mace, allowing it to be welded with one hand. This was likely designed for Clerics or Druids, though that does not preclude use by others.


Enhanced Edition: icon & image

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