You has Staff of the Ram...5,000 gp and the Roranach's Horn and upgrades it I can.


Staff of the Ram +4Edit


In-game descriptionEdit

Likely created by the same unknown archmage who is responsible for the Ring of the Ram, this Staff of Striking does not use charges and will never become useless.

Staff of the Ram +6Edit


In-game descriptionEdit

Roranach's Horn augments the Staff of the Ram's already noteworthy abilities, creating a weapon few opponents are able to stand against.


  • Enchantment level and damage: +2
  • Weight: -1
  • THAC0: -2
  • Additional piercing damage: 1d4[Bugs 1]
  • Probability of the knock back and stun combat ability: +5%
  • Value: +4000Goldpieces


  • This staff is the highest damaging weapon for backstabbing, similar to a Staff of Striking but more powerful and without use of charges.
  • The knock back effect is the same as from the attack dragons often use.
  • The stun effect is the same as from the spell Sleep but lasts only one round.


  1. 1.0 1.1 ToB: The item description states an additional 1d4 piercing damage. However, this is not applied to the item file, the staff deals only 1d6 +12 crushing damage.

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