This riddle is about the eleven statues found in the Asylum Dungeon in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn which need a certain item to be placed in the bowl they are carrying. The eleven items which can be found in the chest in the middle of the room are:

  • Mirror
  • Jar of water
  • Grinning skull
  • Hourglass
  • Statue of gagged man
  • Star medallion
  • Sun medallion
  • Sword medallion
  • A pair of boots
  • Sun dial
  • Golden circle
  • Letter, doesn't count.


Starting by the statue highest in right south corner of the room, going clockwise.

Riddle 1Edit

Try to defeat me but try in vain. When I win, I end your pain.

Solution: Grinning skull

Motivation: This riddle is about death. The skull is related to death.

Riddle 2Edit

I have two heads but one body. The more I stand still, the faster I run.

Solution: Hourglass

Motivation: When the houglass stands still, the sand will run the fastest from one side to another.

Riddle 3Edit

Always I do tell the truth, yet cannot speak. Look to me and see what really is.

Solution: Mirror

Motivation: A mirror shows how you look and is never wrong.

Riddle 4Edit

Name me and so shall 'you 'break me.

Solution: Statue of gagged man (representing Silence)

Motivation: As soon as you speak, silence is broken.

Riddle 5Edit

I will save your life, but yet you can die by me. I settle disputes yet not with words

Solution: Sword medallion.

Motivation: A sword can save you and it can kill you. It's never used to solve a dispute with words.

Riddle 6Edit

To those within the dungeon I am joy. To those fully beneath my gaze, I can be Hell.

Solution: Sun medallion

Motivation: The sunlight is pleasant for prisoners locked up in some dark room. The sun in a desert is deadly.

Riddle 7Edit

I have seen the mountains rise. I have seen the fall of Netheril. You shall die but still shall I march on.

Solution: Sun dial (representing Time)

Motivation: Time continues regardless of the events that may happen.

Riddle 8Edit

Here, in this place, you swallow me. Yet, if I were more, I would swallow you.

Solution: jar of water.

Motivation: In small amounts you can swallow water. An large amount of water (ocean) can swallow you easily.

Riddle 9Edit

Two brothers we are, great burdens we bear, all day if we are bitterly pressed; yet this will I say - we are full at day, and empty when we go at rest.

Solution: pair of boots.

Motivation: Boots are under pressure when someone walks in them and almost nobody sleeps with his boots on, which means they are empty at night.

Riddle 10Edit

No beginning. No end. I am a symbol of the world's cycles.

Solution: Golden circle

Motivation: A circle is continuous. You can't point out where it begins.

Riddle 11Edit

At night I come without being fetched, at day I am gone without being stolen.

Solution: Star medallion

Motivation: Stars appear at night and are gone when the day is in.


20,000 experience points, Sapphire Stone, and a Dusty Rose Ioun Stone.