Suldanessellar is an elven city in the Forest of Tethir.

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The city is ruled by Queen Ellesime and houses the Tree of Life. It's a meeting places for all elves and their tribes and heavily protected from outsiders so that the few entrances to the city are all warded.


In Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7, Gorion's Ward enters the elven city and finds that it has been infested with powerful enemies that Jon Irenicus has unleashed, and that Jon himself is absorbing power from the Tree of Life. The player needs to get the necessary items to enter the palace and then defeat Irenicus.

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House of the Horn Edit

  • Stone Horn
  • Cloak of Elvenkind
  • 40 Bolts of Lightning
  • 20 Darts +1
  • 20 Darts of Wounding
  • 60 Throwing Daggers
  • 30 Throwing Axes 

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Denim's House Edit

  • 15 Gold
  • Absolute Immunity scroll
  • 40 Bolts +1
  • 40 Bolts +2
  • 80 Arrows +1
  • 40 Arrows of Biting
  • 40 Darts of Stunning
  • 40 Bullets +2 

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