M'Khiin's unique ability, cast from innate menu at a casting time of 5.

Description Edit

After years spent with one foot in the world of the living and the other in the lands of the dead, M'Khiin learned that, with intense focus and concentration, she could call upon the spirits of slain kindred to serve her as guardians and protectors. This unique skill allows her to summon a goblin chieftain's ghost (5 HD); six times out of ten she is able to compel two additional goblin warrior spirits (3 HD) to defend her. These guardians will do everything in their power to protect their summoner, but M'Khiin cannot directly control their actions.
The summoning is no simple task for M'Khiin. After using it, she requires rest before she can marshal the mental, physical, and spiritual stamina required to perform the feat again.

Gameplay Edit

Ghost summoned Abilities scores Combat Defenses Immunities
Goblin Chieftain


Level (HD) 5
HP 60
Str 16
Dex 12
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 8
Cha 12
  • Strikes as +2 weapons
  • Apr 1
  • THAC0 16
  • 2d4+2 crashing
  • Speed Factor 5
  • Critical hit stuns target for 1 round (save vs. spells neg)
  • AC 2
  • Saving Throws D11/W13/P12/B13/S14
  • Slashing resist 50%
  • Crushing resist 50%
  • Piercing resist 50%
  • Missile resist 50%
Backstab, poison, disease, charm, stun, sleep, hold, confusion, paralyze, feeblemind, Intelligence modification, panic, alignment depent spells
Goblin Warrior


Level (HD) 3
HP 30
Str 12
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 8
Wis 8
Cha 8
  • THAC0 18
  • Shotbow arrow as +1 weapon, apr 2, 1d6+1 missile damage, Speed Factor 5
  • Battleaxe as +1 weapon, apr 1, 1d8+1 slashing damage, Speed Factor 6
  • AC 2
  • Saving Throws D13/W15/P14/B16/S16
Backstab, poison, disease, charm, stun, sleep, hold, confusion, paralyze, feeblemind, panic, alignment depent spells

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