When Sunray is cast, the cleric bathes in a protective ray of sunlight that banishes the undead.


When this spell is cast, it causes a ray of sunlight to beam down upon the caster and everyone within a 20-ft. 16-ft. radius. All (hostile) creatures within the area of effect take 3d6 points of damage and must save vs. Spell or be blinded for 1 turn. Undead that are hit by the sunray take 1d6 damage per level of the caster, and must save vs. Spell or be destroyed suffer 1000 magical damage.

Gameplay Edit

  • The cleric casts a projectile upon self (break invisibility) which spreads 16-ft radius instantly when contact, every hostile creature within aoe take 3d6 magic damage (yield to MR, no save) and be blind for 1 min (yield to MR, save vs. Spell negates); every hostile undead creature takes additional 1d6 magic damage per caster level, up to 20d6 at lv20 (nonmagically bypass MR, no save), and suffers another 1000 magic damage (nonmagically bypass MR, save vs. Spell negates)
  • Daystar has this spell as its charge ability, which is cast at a fixed lv10