Suryris' Blade is an enchanted halberd +2. It can be gained from Sarevok's acolytes. When compared to a normal halberd, this weapon has a +2 bonus to THAC0 and damage. Its speed factors is 2 points lower and weighs 3 lbs. less.

In-game descriptionEdit

Halberd +2: 'Suryris' Blade'. Suryris was a white minotaur who travelled the Orsraun mountains in Turmish, lived for nothing but the thrill of combat, and encouraged warriors to challenge him for his magical weapon: a powerful halberd. Despite his aggressive nature, he was an honourable combatant and never slew opponents he could overpower. Suryris met his superior only once, in a battle that lasted hours and had the minotaur often fearing defeat. The contest ended when his opponent's sword broke, but Suryris knew he likely would have been bested had it continued. He presented his weapon to the astonished man, who thereafter told of this noble creature to anyone who would listen.

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