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T'rahcie's Plate is a cursed set of plate mail +5 which lowers Constitution by 5 points and Charisma by 2 points. The curse can only be removed by the Remove Curse spell or the services of a priest.


Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and the Enhanced EditionEdit

In-game descriptionEdit

In his aging years, Baron T'rachie coveted the wife of the lowly foot soldier Libol. Instead of openly pursuing her and causing a scandal, he instead created this suit of armor. He gifted it to the soldier. This armor's curse sickened Libol and hideously disfigured him, and his wife fled from him in disgust. Libol, trapped in the armor but not certain of T'rachie's treachery asked to be sent to the wastes for a dangerous tour of duty against marauding ogres. He never returned and Baron T'rachie was free to pursue Libol's widow. This armor is cursed and requires powerful magic to remove.

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