Talos's Gift, also known as the Boots of Grounding, offer 50% resistance to electrical damage and are looted from Mulahey at the end of Chapter 2.

In Baldur's Gate II, they can be obtained from the Mithral Token Machine in exchange for 10 Mithral Tokens. Another pair can be purchased from the Temple of Talos in Athkatla's Temple District.


Boots of grounding: 'Talos's Gift'. Untold years ago, the Fortress of the Starshine Peninsula was placed under the direct torment of Talos when a favorite Stormherald was murdered there. Talos promised the destruction of the city by earthquakes, its isolation with tidal waves and the death of the citizen by storms. One pair of these boots was bestowed to ensure that no one but a single man would survive to tell the story of his wrath. Later, travelers seeking fortune in the ruined city came upon an aged man maddened by the continious destruction around him; the boots he wore would carry to many distant lands the legend of a city consumed by a god's magic.