Taloun is an ex-sailor from Amn living in the Werewolf Village, which is located on the southern half of the Isle of Balduran. He ended up on the island after the ship he was sailing upon was destroyed in a Kraken attack. He can be found in a medium-sized hut that's located over the water just to the west of the main village.

We sailed to Maztica and returned, laden with spices. The ship was attacked by a kraken and dragged beneath the waves. Those of us that survived were pulled, one by one, into the kraken's beak to be eaten. I clung to some of the ships planking and somehow the kraken missed me.
Eventually I drifted to this island. I gained membership to the clan by showing the villagers new techniques for fishing and farming.

He will tell Gorion's Ward about what he has learned of the history of Balduran's crew after landing on the island, how he helped the clan build a small boat so the headman could make an attempt to sail for the mainland, and will warn about things on island being not what they are looking to be.

Aye it's true. I was once a sailor for Sybarr Spices out of Amn, bringing product from the New World. Many seasons have passed since then. Everything be different now. Everything...