Restoring Tamah to flesh from her petrified state gets recorded in your Journal as a Done Quest. This is perhaps the only quest in the game that goes straight to completion with no previous hint (or journal entry) of a quest in need of completion.

As described above, rewards range from 300 xp and +1 Reputation to nothing of value and -1 to Reputation. Be careful what you wish for, you may get what you deserve.

In your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Using a Stone to Flesh scroll on Tamah
  • Journal Section: Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Tamah Rescued
  • Entry Title: Tamah Rescued
  • Quest Completed (one of):
    Quest completed with reward: Young Tamah fell prey to a basilisk's petrifying gaze. I was happy to rescue her.
    Quest completed without reward: Young Tamah fell prey to a basilisk's petrifying gaze. Luckily for her I happened to come along.
    Quest completed with payment: After we rescued her from basilisk petrification, Tamah offered me her lakeside house south of Beregost. Apparently it has stood empty for some time.

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