Tamoko is a Neutral Evil human cleric from Kara-Tur who is also Sarevok Anchev's ally and lover. However, she didn't want him to ascend to godhood because she knew she would lose him in the process, wanting for him to abandon his plan and stay with her instead. This caused friction between them, leading to Sarevok taking as his lover another woman, Cythandria, who supported and encouraged his ambitions.

Tamoko first appears in the area just east of Candlekeep with Sarevok, along with two human archers and two Ogres, when he ambushes Gorion and his Ward. Tamoko casts a Flame Arrow at the player during the battle, causing Gorion to tell his ward to run while he stays and fights. After Gorion erects some magical defenses and takes out Sarevok's Ogres with a Flame Strike and a Lightning Bolt, he shoots a Fireball at the three behind Sarevok and manages to kill the two henchmen, but Tamoko survives. As Sarevok moves to engage Gorion in melee, Tamoko attempts to Dispel his buffs, while Gorion tries to imprison her in an Otiluke's Resilient Sphere. Whether or not either of them succeeds, Sarevok cuts Gorion down.

She next appears in Chapter 7 in Eastern Baldur's Gate outside the Sorcerous Sundries. Desperate to keep Sarevok from abandoning her, Tamoko approaches the player and offers her assistance, on one condition: once they stop him becoming Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate, they must agree to spare his life and attempt to redeem him. If they agree, she directs them to the Iron Throne Headquarters at the Docks, where Cythandria awaits, letting it slip that she posesses Sarevok's diary, in which he admits to arranging for Rieltar Anchev's murder and orchestrating a war between Amn and the Sword Coast.

After getting through the Thieves' Maze, the player runs into Tamoko again in the Undercity. By now Sarevok has learned of her undermining his plans and sent her out to die fighting you. However, you can persuade her not to attack by saying the right things and have a Reaction of at least 15. If you do, she simply walks away and her fate is left uncertain.

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

Tamoko died before the events of Shadows of Amn, but it is not clear whether she died fighting Gorion's Ward or in some other manner. Another Kara-Turan character, Yoshimo, has been stated to be Tamoko's younger brother, having come west originally to look for her.

If Gorion's Ward is accompanied by Sarevok after the final battle of Throne of Bhaal, it is mentioned Sarevok's epilogue slide that he brought her body back to Kara-Tur and buried her.