Oh, you haven't seen a man about uhm... this tall and, oh, this wide have you? That lout!

Taris is a woman in Nashkel who is looking for a man she describes to be of a certain height and 'width.'. She can be found standing outside the Nashkel Inn, or inside.

Dorn's Quest Edit

In BG:EE she is involved in Dorn Il-Khan's quest to track down and kill his former comrades. Upon further investigation by the player Taris reveals that she is looking for her husband Hagar, who traveled east with a strange woman. This strange woman matches Dorn's description of Kryll- one of his former comrades he has sworn to kill. Taris directs the party to the Area East of Nashkel Mines to find them.

Unfortunately, Kryll was found surrounded by dead bodies at the locale, at it is presumed Hagar was one of them.

Upon returning to Nashkel, the party can inform Taris of Hagar's demise in several ways. Informing her gently will make her thankful for being spared the details, after which she will exit the map never to be seen again. Telling her all the gory details makes for a rather amusing scene after which she becomes hostile and can only be attacked. Going yet another step and killing her will make the party lose reputation.