Taxek is one of two thieves who can be caught stealing from a house in Baldur's Gate Southeast. He and Michael can be found in the house at 1730, 1100.

You there, stand where you are! Dammit, Michael, someone's walked in on us. Okay you, we don't want any trouble. Maybe this is your house, but right now all we want to do is leave. Don't give us any trouble, and you'll walk away from this a little poorer. Otherwise you'll be dead.

Depending on your dialog choices and history in the city, Taxek may teach a lesson on the precarious position of non-guild thieves in the city.

The pair have done a thorough job. Bootable containers in the house are mostly empty, with only a Quarterstaff, 4 Throwing Axes and a History of Waterdeep II remaining.

Confronting Taxek and Michael
Confronting Taxek and Michael