Tazit's Dead Father is a side quest in Throne of Bhaal. Tazit, a boy in Saradush will ask you to "wake up" his father, killed on the street by one of the Yaga Shura's catapults.

For the option to raise the father from the dead to appear, one of the following conditions must be met:

If any of the above conditions are met, you will get one or more dialogue options to raise the father; picking any of them will start a short cutscene where the father is raised.

Note that some of the options on the list are technically impossible - most notably, Paladins are never able to cast spells of high enough level and Druids don't have access to Raise Dead at all. But because the spell is cast in a scripted cutscene, that doesn't matter. Presumably, you also don't lose the Raise Dead scroll/Rod of Resurrection charge/memorized spell when you "use" them(needs confirmation)