Tazok is a half-ogre commanding the operations of the Bandit Camp, including the mercenary groups the Chill and Black Talons. He is receiving his orders from Davaeorn and commands Mulahey, who is charge of the operations in the Nashkel Mines.

Baldur's GateEdit

Tazok can first be encountered in the Bandit Camp if the player successfully infiltrates it. Originally, it was possible, though difficult, to kill Tazok here and take his Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise. The Enhanced Edition made Tazok immune to death that early in the game. Regardless, Tazok will be encountered in the Undercity later on whether he died or not.

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

Tazok can be found in BGII:SoA, in the Domain of the Dragon in the Windspear Hills, besides Chieftan DigDag, protecting the entrance to Firkraag's lair. He will recognize Gorion's Ward, initiate a short conversation and promptly attack.

Upon death Tazok drops the key required to enter the Mind Flayer's Lair in the sewers beneath the Temple District in Athkatla.