Ted is a big game hunter found in northeast Peldvale if you have progressed in the main storyline to Chapter 3 or beyond. Before Chapter 3 you will find Palin at this location.

He has stories to tell and advice to give, none of it of any great interest or value. If you ask him for advice on adventuring, he advises the Firewine Bridge ruins or the bandits in the Coast Way area. A journal entry is created for Firewine Bridge.

He may also be killed for 270 XP with no Reputation penalty.


Hey there, city folks! So what in the name of Lathander takes you so far from home?

  • 1:-We are adventurers.
Ye're adventurers? I used to have an uncle who thought of himself as some kind a hero. He had the sword, shield, the whole bit. But he got himself killed, see? He was going off ta kill some sort of beastie with all of his buddies, but something went terribly wrong. I guess this beastie figured out he was coming and set up a trap for him and his friends. So anyhow, there are him and his buddies, trudging through the wilderness on their way to the monster's lair. Then all of a sudden, BAM! SMACK! The monster leaps out and starts ripping off arms and legs. When my pops found his brother, there was nothing left but a big pile of rotting meat.
  • 1.1:-That... was a real cool story. You wouldn't by any chance have any advice for us? Some sort of adventuring advice?
Oh, yeah! I have lots of advice about adventurin'. If ya wants to get rich, the best place to go would probably be the ruins at Firewine Bridge. If you want some action, why don't you give back some of that trouble those bandits have been dishin' out on the Coast Way?
  • 1.2:-We have to get going now. Bye!
  • 1.3:-That was the most lame-arse story I think I've ever had the displeasure of listening to. Go away, old man.
Well, there was no need to be rude!
  • 2:-Why don't you tell us about yourself first?
Well sure! My name's Ted, and I'm a big game hunter. Right now I'm hunting for bear.  Ya know a bear's pretty valuable, what with its pelt and meat. Hell! You could even sell its teeth for some sort of profit. Actually, I better get a move on. I don't want to be out after dark, with all those bandits and all.
  • 3:-We're a band of ravening lunatics. Bwahahahahaha!
I think I'll be leaving now.
  • 4:-We're farmers.
I'm not stupid ya know!  I might look stupid, but stupid I ain't! Yer fer sure not farming folk. I think I'll be leaving now.

Journal Edit

Note: This is one of several 'breadcrumb'-type entries for the quest The Firewine Ruins that will appear in the Quests section of your journal, even if the quest itself has already been completed.

The Firewire Ruins

A hunter we met suggested that we search out the Firewine Bridge ruins for adventure.''