I'll cast my darts into their very eyes if it shall get me off this frigid rock!

Tellan Altru'ar, the self-appointed shining light of Tethyr,[1] is – as many others – trapped on the Ice Island in Tales of the Sword Coast.

After a short dialogue, Tellan usually attacks the party, unless Gorion's Ward asks him for assistance in the battles to come and offers to take him with them when they leave this place.

Gameplay Edit

  • Tellan is protected from normal missiles for one hour, every time the area is loaded.
  • Actually there is no possibility to take him with you when teleporting from the island – he simply will stay where you left the area. (There's a dialogue option with Shandalar after returning: "[…] There are people still trapped on that island.")
  • Also he won't assist the party in any fight – he just follows the leader, and it isn't always easy to keep him in line of sight in those narrow and contorted paths for making this work.

Trivia Edit

Classic vs. Enhanced Edition Edit

Though Tellan is encountered in this prison, where obviously only mages on some teleport trip get trapped, and he definitely has learnt and is able to cast spells, he technically isn't a mage in the classic version of the game, nor is he a gnome, which his appearance, size and talking point at.

The Enhanced Edition applied changes to this – by switching his race from human to gnome and making him an Illusionist. Though Illusionists still aren't able to wield Short Swords, which makes the given Weapon Proficiency redundant.

Judging by the assigned classes of "13 / 13" and the additional unequipped and undroppable inventory (see above), Tellan was probably intended as Illusionist / Thief. However, none of the game editions could decide on a multi-class character.

References Edit

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