The Temple of Bhaal is a decrepit and forgotten building hidden in the Undercity, old ruins beneath Baldur's Gate. The building has a rectangular shape, its entrance located on the Southern edge of the screen, with the temple's altar to the North. The Western and Eastern walls are decorated with lines of giant-sized statues of scythe-wielding robed figures. The Eastern wall is also lined with stone sarcophagi which spawn Battle Horrors where one draws near them. The symbol of Bhaal, a skull encircled with bloody tears is depicted in the middle of the area and is heavily trapped.

In this temple the last battle of the game takes place, the battle against Sarevok as well as his three closest followers Angelo, Tazok and Semaj. The four are standing at the four edges of the altar to the North and are initially covered by a fog of war effect. Crossing the temple to engage Sarevok in combat is a difficult task, as the whole temple is filled with traps.


Sarevok and his companions are high-level characters and dangerous opponents. Stealth instead of direct assault is highly advisable. A hidden Thief should scout the area first and detect and disarm as many traps as possible while avoiding the sarcophagi on the eastern wall since they spawn Battle Horrors. Once the path to the altar is cleared, Gorion's Ward's party should try to lure the enemies one by one by appearing just on the edge of their sight range and quickly retreating towards the entrance. Using this tactic will guarantee that the party is not overwhelmed. To beat the game one has to defeat only Sarevok and given that this is the final battle chances are the party will already be at their experience cap and won't need the experience from killing Sarevok's goons.

Tazok can be seen, lured to the entrance, and killed, and the party will still be able to leave the room. However, it is not possible to leave the Temple once Sarevok has been spoken to, although Semaj can still be lured to the entrance and killed without Sarevok following. It will not be possible to save the game once this has been done, however, unless you have also defeated Sarevok.