Temple of Yondalla and Alvanhendar's Fine Wines is located in the Gullykin area, in the north-west corner (350, 315) of both the area and the village. Alvanhendar himself offers the usual temple services (Healing, Donate, Buy and Sell, Identify) under the name Alvanhendar's Healing and Sundries. Quite the entrepreneur, Alvanhendar is.


Cures Price GP
Cure Light Wounds 50
Dispel Magic 200
Remove Curse 500
Cure Serious Wounds 100
Slow Poison 150
Raise Dead 600-10000*

(*) Cost varies depending on customer's alignment

Buy and SellEdit

Sells Price GP
Potion of Healing 61
Elixir of Health 205
Antidote 82
Stone to Flesh Scroll 123

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