Umberlee guides my way.

Tenya is a young cleric of Umberlee. Her mother was tortured and murdered by Sonner, Jebadoh and Telmen. She seeks revenge against the fishermen and has killed two of them already. The fishermen, likewise, seek her death to save themselves. Though her heart longs for vengeance, Tenya and her goddess will be satisfied with the return of the summoning bowl.

During her quest, Gorion's Ward must choose to kill or help her. If they choose to help her, she goes to Baldur's Gate to become proper priestess of Umberlee and will aid the player during the quest Tremain's Son later in the game.

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Stop! You are trespassing on my land-home!
Umberlee guides my way.
The power of Umberlee flows in my blood! I am the avenging Wave of Fury, the anger of the storm that beats the shore!
I have no further need of vengeance. Umberlee is mother now, and she is well pleased. The blood spilt today will remind all of her mastery of the waters.
New friends of mine! You may call me Tenya, and know that I am a priestess of Umberlee. For many weeks now I have searched for the relic that was stolen from my mother. The fishermen Telman, Jebadoh, and Sonner stole it when they became jealous of her power. I will soon have my revenge against these petty fishermen. (If charmed)