Tersus is a unique hobgoblin in Baldur's Gate. He's the official stock boy of the Bandit Camp, and will give your party a set of Leather Armor if they've infiltrated the bandits and don't ask too many questions. If you do ask questions, you'll learn some background information, at the insignificant cost of the Leather Armor.

Because da boss sez, okay? Like don't blame me, already. Geeez, you independents are a lot a trubble.

EE Journal EntryEdit

Tazok and the BanditsEdit

"I've learned something interesting from a hobgoblin stock boy, though I'm not sure what it all might mean. The bandit camp is apparently composed of two separate groups: the predominantly hobgoblin Chill and Blacktalons, the human faction. What could bring such different groups together, I don't yet know. Money is the obvious motivation, but how much is who's paying it? Whoever it is, they're obviously not short on coin."
"I've learned something interesting from a hobgoblin stock boy in the bandit camp today. He wasn't quite sure who was funding this whole operation, but his guesses leaned towards either the Zhentarim or a new group, the Iron Throne. I don't know much about the latter, so I had best keep my eyes peeled and my ear to the ground. If I ever need leather armor, though, I know a hobgoblin stock boy who'd be only too eager to serve."