Teven is a Blacktalon lieutenant in Baldur's Gate. He is in charge of a small party of bandits that are scouting around Larswood, able to be found by the protagonist during Chapter 3, immediately after the events within the Nashkel Mines

He is one of two bandits who can be convinced to escort the player and their party to the Bandit Camp as infiltrators, the other being Raiken in Peldvale. Between the two, Teven is the more clever, and upon reaching the camp presumably under the guise of recruitment, Teven forces a confrontation between the player and the camps leader Tazok. Assuming the player is able to best the half-ogre, Tazok will accept the party as new recruits, allowing the player to cautiously explore the camp.

Save your sweet talk fer the boss. I'll take ya to meet him but if he says ya die, then ya die. No chance to surrender then.

Note: In the original BG1 Teven also had a Bandit Scalp.