Teyngan is a bandit that will approach you in the Fisherman's Lake area northwest of Nashkel.  With his partners Jemby and Zekar, he will try to rob your party.


"Stop where you are! If you throw down your weapons and cooperate, then no one will be hurt. If you don't, then you'll all die. A very simple decision on your part."

  • 1:-What is it you want with us, and who are you?
My name is Teyngan, this is my girl Jemby. The ugly one is Zekar. What we want is your money. Hand over all your cash, and you'll be unharmed. Before you do anything rash, think it over awhile. I'm sure your life is worth more than the little gold you might possess.
  • 2:-We surrender to no one. Draw steel!
Stupid, STUPID! Now you die!

Dialog can be continued, but in the end you'll have to hand over your money (as if!) or fight.