Thalantyr is a powerful mage from High Hedge. He lives in the High Hedge Estate, and sells you various magical items. To bring up the Selling Screen you have to talk to him a few times. He lives a lonely life, save for his two enchanted Flesh Golems, that he keeps for protection.

Pickpocketing ThalantyrEdit


When playing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition he is the fastest (in fact, probably the only) way to aquire a Potion Case, which he sells.

The first time you speak to Thalantyr, he will dismiss you rudely:

I don't have much patience for strangers on my property. Do us both a favor and move along... Unless, of course, you have magic for sale. From the looks of you, you couldn't afford the items I have for sale.

–Thalantyr the Conjurer

Side questsEdit

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