Thaxll'ssillyia is a shadow dragon serving the Shade Lord.  He can be found in the penultimate room of the ruined temple of Amaunator.


Thaxll'ssillyia can be fought as early as Baldur's Gate II Chapter 2, when the party is still of low level and can pose a serious threat for unexperienced players. He has 3 attacks per round and apart from melee attacks (that deal acid and physical damage) he also has access to two special attacks:

1. Shadow Dragon Breath - an AoE spell affecting all creatures in 15ft radius that has 3 nasty effects:

  • Blindness for 1 round that bypasses MR and allows no save;
  • Level drain for 4 levels that last 1 turn and bypasses MR and allows no save;
  • Additional level drain for 2 levels that last 1 if no safe vs breath is made.

2. Wing Buffet - an AoE spell effect that deals moderate crushing damage and knocks targets back, again allowing no save to be made.

Dragon attacks can also cause Fear.

The dragon is also well protected against damage and spells. He has 25% resistance to physical damage, 60% MR, AC of -12 and high saving throws. In addition the dragon is capable of casting Invisibility and Stoneskin. He does, however, have moderate HP and will die quickly if his defenses are negated.



Prepare a Raise Dead spell and/or a scroll before the battle. (WIP - more text to follow)

Actual FightEdit

Spread the party out, summons attack from the front, PC and NPCs from the back, mages, sorcerers and NPC with low HPs (like Viconia DeVir) should stay at the edge of their casting range. Cast the following spells in the given order:

After his MR and saves are lowered, attack with: