Rewards Edit

In each fight, you can ask the audience for a prize. There are two, a rare and a less rare one. The odds of you getting one are dependent on your reaction score and your hero score (decided by your responses as you go through). Since you can repeat fights, it is possible to collect all of the prizes.

In each case, the first prize is the rare one.

Tier 1 Battle 1: Gnasher +2 or Orc Leather +3

Battle 2: Golden Calf Idol or Duskblade +2

Battle 3: Spear of the Unicorn +2 or Cloak of the Sewers

Battle 4: Lilarcor or Aeger's Hide +3

Battle 5: Cloak of Balduran or Bladesinger Chain +4

Tier 2

Battle 1: Amulet of Power or Adjatha the Drinker +2

Battle 2: Silver Sword (Vorpal Sword) or The Equalizer

Battle 3: Firetooth +4 or Impaler +3

Battle 4: Flail of Ages +4 or Wave +4

Battle 5: Celestial Fury +3 or Blackrazor +3

Tier 3

Battle 1: Wong Fei's Ioun Stone or Gauntlets of Crushing

Battle 2: Crom Faeyr +5 or Shuruppak's Plate

Battle 3: Staff of the Magi or Shadow Dragon Scale

Battle 4: Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization or Hindo's Doom +4

Battle 5: Psion's Blade +5 or Circlet of Netheril

Tier 4

Battle 1: Carsomyr +5 or The Answerer +4

Battle 2: Cloak of Mirroring or Ring of Gaxx

Battle 3: Foebane +5 or Angurvadal +5

Battle 4: Ravager +6 or Short Sword of Mask +5

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