The Burning Earth (The Burning Earth +1 in-game), also known by the name of Flame Tongue Sword, is a long sword +1 with additional damage bonuses to specific enemy types. Like the Moonblade, this blade is also on fire when unsheathed, but this one has naturally colored flames. It has a weight of 4 lbs, a speed factor of 4 and can be wielded in one hand. The weapon falls under the large sword/long sword proficiency and as a result, clerics, druids and mages cannot wield this weapon. It's both a silver and cold iron weapon. This blade has a +1 bonus to damage and THAC0. It does extra damage to:

  • +2 vs. regenerating creatures
  • +3 vs. cold-using creatures (for example winter wolves)
  • +4 vs. undead (for example zombies and ghouls)


In Baldur's Gate the sword is located in a trapped/locked chest in the master bedroom of Labyrinth Level 1 beneath Durlag's Tower. In the Enhanced Edition the sword has been replaced in this location by the The Practical Defense and it is now found in Durlag's secret treasure vault on Labyrinth Level 4 (the level where the ghosts of Durlag and Islanne are lurking). The Staff of Striking is also found down in the vault.

In-game descriptionEdit

Flame Tongue +1: The Burning Earth
There was a time before Neverwinter was warm and before the great Anauroch was dry... or so it is said. Few relics remain to prove such an age existed, and fewer still have an identifiable purpose. "The Burning Earth" seems straightforward enough––it burns a victim with magical fire, and a cryptic rune seems to suggest that the power comes from the ground itself––but whoever constructed it remains a mystery. It looks a perfectly serviceable weapon, but something in the balance or grip is... wrong. It strains the forearm a touch, and does not fit the hand just right. It doesn't seem to hurt a warrior's performance, aside from the nagging doubt that the blade was not made for him... or any other humanoid.

Note: In Baldur's Gate II, the sword is called the Sword of Flame with a different Strength requirement and no mention of additional damage bonuses to specific enemy types.

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