The Burning Earth (The Burning Earth +1 in-game), also known by the name of Flame Tongue, is both a silver and cold iron long sword that has advantages against specific enemy types.

It's possible to import this item from
BGEEglow BG: EE (2012)
This icon stands for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition without Siege of Dragonspear installed
This icon stands for the Shadows of Amn campaign of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

There's also a weapon called the Sword of Flame with a different strength requirement and no mention of additional augments to any creature races.



Totsc icon
Totsc icon  BG: TotSC
This icon stands for Tales of the Sword Coast content of classic Baldur's Gate

the sword is trap-locked in a chest located in the master bedroom of Labyrinth Level 1 beneath Durlag's Tower; In

BGEEglow BG: EE (2012)
This icon stands for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition without Siege of Dragonspear installed

the sword's location has been replaced by the The Practical Defense and it's moved far away to Labyrinth Level 4, where the ghosts of Durlag and Islanne are lurking. The Staff of Striking is also found down in the vault.


BGIIlogoonly  Baldur's Gate Two
This icon stands for all Baldur's Gate games of the 2nd installment, which include classic versions and enhanced editions, except the Black Pits series

you can find this item dropped by the druid group at the stone circle in the Druidic Grove.


Flame Tongue +1: The Burning Earth
There was a time before Neverwinter was warm and before the great Anauroch was dry... or so it is said. Few relics remain to prove such an age existed, and fewer still have an identifiable purpose. "The Burning Earth" seems straightforward enough. It burns a victim with magical fire, and a cryptic rune seems to suggest that the power comes from the ground itself—but whomever constructed it remains a mystery. It looks a perfectly serviceable weapon, but something in the balance or grip is... wrong. It strains the forearm a touch, and does not fit the hand just right. It doesn't seem to hurt a warrior's performance, aside from the nagging doubt that the blade was not made for <PRO_HIMHER>... or any other humanoid.

Trivia Edit

  • Like the Moonblade, this blade is also on fire when unsheathed, but this one has naturally colored flames
  • Despite its description and animation, in the original games it does not deal out fire damage.

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