The Chesley Crusher (The Chesley Crusher +2 in-game) is a halberd +2 with a few twists:
  • THAC0 +2, as one would expect, but
  • Damage +6, as one would not!
  • Damage type: slashing or piercing, whichever is better (but no crushing damage from The Crusher).
  • And the bad news: equipping sets attacks per round to 1.
  • A weight of 30 lbs, which means it takes a lot of carrying capacity of characters with 18 strength or lower.

This Halberd was introduced in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, where it drops from the gnoll Ingot in the Dryad Falls area east of Gnoll Stronghold.

In-game descriptionEdit

Heavy Halberd: The Chesley Crusher

First wielded by the much-maligned Ensign Chesley of the first exploratory fleet of Waterdeep, this famous halberd has been passed around for generations, but only to those strong enough to carry its considerable weight. The iron haft of this heavy polearm makes the weapon slow and unwieldy, but its sheer mass smashes skulls and shatters limbs.

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