The Claw of Kazgaroth is a very powerful item that can be equipped in the ring slot, but the power of the item is gained at high price for the character equipped with this item. This item is, unlike the Horn of Kazgaroth, cursed and may not be removed without the Remove Curse spell. The item draws its power from the life force of the wearer and as a result, the Constitution is lowered by two points and -4 penalty saving throws vs. death is gained, making the wearer less resistant to poison and disease.

Because halflings, gnomes and dwarves have a saving throw bonus depending on the Constitution character ability, the saving throw bonus could be lower and the penalty to death saving throws even higher than expected under certain circumstances.

In return for all these drawbacks the wearer receives a blurred image, just like the Cloak of Displacement which will make all attacks less accurate. The blurred image gives bonuses to the other four saving throws by +3, an armor class bonus of +1 and a missile armor class bonus of +4. This item is sold by Thalantyr the Conjurer at the High Hedge Estate and despite the cursed nature, it is still an expensive ring.

This item appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, but also in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition if the player imports a character and the player has this item, but not the Helm of Balduran in the inventory.


Little is known about this item, other than the claw itself was taken from the corpse of the great beast Kazgaroth. It has multiple enchantments that all become activated when the claw is worn as a ring. The image of the wearer becomes blurred and more difficult to hit with weapon or target with spells. It has one drawback, however, as it seems to fuel its power with the blood of its wearer. Because of this, the wearer of the claw will often be more sickly and therefore more suspectible to poisons.