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A group of fishermen is being harassed by a priestess of Umberlee. After two of them were washed off the dock and drowned the rest are afraid to go near the water. Since they can't prove to the guards that the priest is responsible they ask you to "take care" of the problem.

Confronting the Priestess Edit

The priestess, Tenya, is located in the northern part of Wyrm's Crossing.

If you initiate a conversation and tell her that you are going to put an end to her villainous deeds, she will turn hostile and attack. If you ask her for more information about what happened between her and the fishermen or say you know nothing of the fishermen, she will ask you to leave but will not attack.

If you speak to her again, she will attack no matter what you say to her. She must be provoked to violent action for the quest to advance. She always casts Entangle at the start of battle, so it may be best to use some ranged weapons against her. She is not very dangerous, even to very low-level parties. Once you bring her near death, she will surrender and explain that she is trying to avenge her mother's death. According to Tenya, the fishermen are the villains. They stole her mother's elemental summoning bowl and tortured her for its secrets before killing her. Now, they use it to pillage the seas. Tenya begs Gorion's Ward and their party to help her recover the bowl. You can promise to help her or kill her and collect your reward from the fishermen.,

Completion and Outcomes Edit

Helping Tenya Edit

Go back to the fishermen and talk to Telmen. Let him know that priestess told you her side of the story. Sonner will try to persuade you stay on their side. Refuse his offer and Sonner will explain how they made arrangements with priest of Talos for safe passage at sea. Part of the deal was extracting a little "payback" from Umberlee.

When threatened, Sonner and he will give up the bowl. He and his friends will then turn hostile run back to their homes, where they can be tracked down and killed at your leisure. There are no Reputation penalties for killing the fishermen once they turn hostile. If you do not wish to kill them, you may have to restrain your party from attacking when the dialogue ends. Once you have the bowl, return it to Tenya to complete the quest. She will give you nothing for your effort, but promises the favor of Umberlee and help in the future - a promise she will grudgingly make good on during the quest Tremain's Son.

Reward: 2500XP and a favor. (According to comments, if you tell Tenya "There are all dead and will trouble you no more" will only give 1000 XP. while "Here is the bowl" will give 2500 XP.

Helping the Fishermen Edit

Even if you intend to kill Tenya, it is best to speak with the fishermen again to gain an additional 100 gp as part of your reward. When you tell them that you spoke with Tenya, they will admit to killing her mother and making a deal with the god Talos for his protection on the sea. They will then offer you another 100 gp to kill Tenya. If you pressured them into paying you more earlier, your reward will now be 120 gp. Once you have spoken with the fishermen again, return to Tenya and kill her. Her spells, especially Entangle, will probably be exhausted as long as you have not rested since fighting her. Once she is dead, she can be looted for Bracers of Defense A.C. 7 and a common flail. There are no reputation penalties for killing Tenya.

Reward: 0, 20, 100, or 120  gp, Bracers of Defense A.C. 7, flail +1, flail, 1000XP.


  • Quest Begins:  "// to do"
  • Quest Ends:  "I have been promised a future reward for my role in vanquishing the fishermen aligned with Talos.  Strange, though... I do not feel as though I have helped a child, so much as I                            have been the pawn of a spiteful god.  Deities are not to be trifeled with... they trifle back."

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