Not to be confused with Friendly Arm Inn (area).

The Friendly Arm is the inn situated in the keep at the appropriately-named area, Friendly Arm Inn. One of the biggest and most popular inns in the game, it's here you meet Khalid and Jaheira. In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, you can find Dorn II-Khan here too, and Neera will come and stay here if she is dismissed from the party.

Notable lootEdit



Bentley Mirrorshade, proprietor of The Friendly Arm, sells items for 150% of their 'item value,' with the usual adjustments for Reputation and Charisma.

Item Icon Item name Stock

Price GP

Battle axe icon Battle Axe 5 7
Throwing axe icon Throwing Axe (x5) 5 7
Club icon Club 5 1
Flail icon Flail 5 22
Mace icon Mace 5 12
Morning star icon Morning Star 5 15
Composite long bow icon Composite Longbow 5 150
Long bow icon Longbow 5 112
Short bow icon Shortbow 5 45
Dagger icon Dagger 10 3
Icon Dart Darts (x10) 5 1
Halberd icon Halberd 5 15
War hammer icon War Hammer 5 3
Sling icon Sling 5 1
Spear icon Spear 5 1
Icon Large Shield+1 Large Shield +1 5

3000 gp 

Bastard sword icon Bastard Sword 5 37
Long sword icon Long Sword 5 22
Short sword icon Short Sword 5 15
Two handed sword icon Two Handed Sword 5 75
Light crossbow icon Light Crossbow 5 52
Heavy crossbow icon Heavy Crossbow 5 75
Bullet icon Bullets (x20) 1
Bolts icon Bolt (x20) 1
Arrows icon Arrows (x20) 1
Chain mail icon Chain Mail 5 112
Splint mail icon Splint Mail 5 120
Leather icon Leather Armor 5 7
Plate mail icon Plate Mail 5 900
Small shield icon Small Shield 5 4
Medium shield icon Medium Shield 5 10
Book icon History of the Fateful Coin 3
Book icon History of the Unicorn Run 3
Icon Buckler1 Buckley's Buckler


1 1200

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