This page is about the building. For area accessible from the world map, see Friendly Arm Inn. For the journal quest entry, see The Friendly Arm Inn.
The Friendly Arm is the inn situated in the keep at the appropriately-named area, Friendly Arm Inn. One of the biggest and most popular inns in the game, it's here you meet Khalid and Jaheira. In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, you can find Dorn II-Khan here too, and Neera will come and stay here if she is dismissed from the party.

Notable lootEdit



Bentley Mirrorshade, proprietor of The Friendly Arm, sells items for 150% of their 'item value,' with the usual adjustments for Reputation and Charisma.

Item Icon Item name Stock

Price GP

Battle axe icon Battle Axe 5 7
Throwing axe icon Throwing Axe (x5) 5 7
Club icon Club 5 1
Flail icon Flail 5 22
Mace icon Mace 5 12
Morning star icon Morning Star 5 15
Composite long bow icon Composite Longbow 5 150
Long bow icon Longbow 5 112
Short bow icon Shortbow 5 45
Dagger icon Dagger 10 3
Icon Dart Darts (x10) 5 1
Halberd icon Halberd 5 15
War hammer icon War Hammer 5 3
Sling icon Sling 5 1
Spear icon Spear 5 1
Icon Large Shield+1 Large Shield +1 5

3000 gp 

Bastard sword icon Bastard Sword 5 37
Long sword icon Long Sword 5 22
Short sword icon Short Sword 5 15
Two handed sword icon Two Handed Sword 5 75
Light crossbow icon Light Crossbow 5 52
Heavy crossbow icon Heavy Crossbow 5 75
Bullet icon Bullets (x20) 1
Bolts icon Bolt (x20) 1
Arrows icon Arrows (x20) 1
Chain mail icon Chain Mail 5 112
Splint mail icon Splint Mail 5 120
Leather icon Leather Armor 5 7
Plate mail icon Plate Mail 5 900
Small shield icon Small Shield 5 4
Medium shield icon Medium Shield 5 10
Book icon History of the Fateful Coin 3
Book icon History of the Unicorn Run 3
Icon Buckler1 Buckley's Buckler
BGEEglow BG: EE (2012)
This icon stands for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition without Siege of Dragonspear installed
1 1200