The Seven Suns is a Side Quest in the city of Baldur's Gate.


  • Find out what is going on in the Seven Suns
  • (optional) Report to Scar 
  • (optional) Kill the Doppelgangers for double the reward
  • (optional) Leave Jhasso alive
  • Return to Scar to claim your reward


The quest starts when entering the city from Wyrm's Crossing. If you tell the truth to the guard on the way in a Flaming Fist officer called Scar will ask to speak to Gorion's Ward, and hires the party to investigate the Seven Suns compound, located in the southwestern section of the city.

Find out what is going on in the Seven SunsEdit

Entering the Seven Suns building, an unnamed merchant will approach the party and, if questioned, advise them to leave immediately, just as he is doing, because the establishment has been overrun by "shapeshifters."

Report to ScarEdit

Take this report to Scar in the nearby Flaming Fist Castle & he'll reward you:

Note: It is possible to end the quest here (though I haven't fully tested it and wouldn't recommend it, though this might be a feature for weaker players who can't handle the monsters)

He then offers to double your wage if you will "destroy this infestation of monsters."

Kill the Doppelgangers for double the rewardEdit

Head back to the Seven Suns and kill all of the Doppelgangers. The Doppelgangers stay disguised until you question them or by simply attacking them. There are two in the entrance where the mechant approached, two upstairs & one in the basement.

(optional) Talk to Jhasso. Some of the options convinse him that you're there to help & allow him to leave, the others make him stay & become unresponsive. It's unimportmant to the quest what you choose.

Note: Be careful not to kill Jhasso, he is not a doppelgänger & killing him will net you a lesser reward at the end

Return to Scar to claim your rewardEdit

If you tell Scar that you wiped them out you'll recieve another reward:



  • All occupants of the compound except Jhasso & the first merchant are doppelgängers.
  • It is possible to skip this quest if you enter the city in stealth or if you are invisible
  • You don't have to return to Scar the first time & can instead clear the building while you are there, but you'll miss out on that extra 2000 xp and gold
  • You can cut the quest short by telling Scar you don't want to double the reward for killing the Doppelgängers
  • It is possible to kill Jhasso instead of talk to him yealding 175xp, since this decreases the reward at the end it's not worth doing.
  • When disguised as merchants, the monsters earn only 15 xp, but drop one item of significant value, such as a Gold Necklace, a Garnet or a Ziose Gem. If provoked into revealing themselves as doppelgängers, they earn 420 xp, but drop nothing.
  • Scar says that he'll "double" your reward which was initially 2000 gold, however the minimum gold you'll get by returning is 5000, which is more than double.

Journal Edit

The Seven Suns

Scar has hired us to investigate strange goings-on in the Seven Suns compound in the southwest section of the city.

A frightened merchant inside the Seven Suns building says the Seven Suns has been infiltrated by shapeshifters!
The Seven Suns compound is filthy with doppelgangers. Scar will pay double if I wipe them out.
Scar was so impressed that we'd wiped out the doppelgangers in the Seven Suns compound that he gave us a hefty bonus.