You may call me the Surgeon.
The Surgeon is a human mage encountered at the Shipwreck's Coast Area West of High Hedge at co-ordinates x=2885/y=2083 in Baldur's Gate
BGnoglow1Baldur's Gate
This icon stands for classic Baldur's Gate without Tales of the Sword Coast installed
|BGEEglow. He offers to heal the party if any member is below one hundred percent of health.


If asked who he might be, the Surgeon explains that his offerings are an act of penance for his past, when he spared a life out of charity, namely that of his brother's: the evil man Davaeorn, who killed many, including his and the Surgeon's father.


Before starting to heal the injured party members, he further informs Gorion's Ward of having heard, his brother would have come to this region. He either seeks to find Davaeorn by himself, to rectify his former mistake, or wishes, the Ward might fight his brother – for which case he hands over a Potion of Magic Protection.

If you desire, I have the skills necessary to heal you.


  • Being a mage in terms of gameplay, the Surgeon actually does not have the skills necessary to heal the party, despite of what he's saying. The game forces him to use a cleric's Cure Light Wounds through the related dialog, though the spell isn't part of the creature's memorized abilities.
    • This means, the surgeon can't heal himself with this spell if injured in a possible fight.
  • He will heal party members (in order of their health level by percent, starting with the lowest) up to six times with Cure Light Wounds, so the maximum gain of hit points can be 6*8=48.
  • The Potion of Magic Protection is only obtained when asking him for his person.
  • The Surgeon has an unusual high number of memorized spells for a mage of his level, including spell levels he shouldn't know, yet. (Focusing on three different spells only, he seems to be more of a sorcerer than a mage.) He can cast up to six times Magic Missiles and Fireball even seven times, not to mention his Shadow Door.
  • All four potions he carries can be pickpocketed. If he turns hostile from a failed attempt, the Surgeon may be killed without loss of reputation. He begins the fight with Shadow Door and Magic Missiles. Be aware of his immunity to fire damage.


  • BG: The creature file defines fighter as the Surgeon's class in the classic Baldur's Gate. All other variables, however, are correct for a mage, including Saving Throws, animation and other stats.