The Surgeon is a human mage found in the Shipwreck's Coast area west of High Hedge, at 2870, 2110. He is the brother of Davaeorn in the Cloakwood Mines.  If you speak to him, he will give you a Potion of Magic Protection and heal the party. He, however, will not fully heal the party if the party has a low HP overall.

You may call me the Surgeon. I heal others in penance for what I have done in my past. Many have died because of a foolish act of charity on my part. I have a brother, an evil man by the name of Davaeorn. He lives because I was too weak-hearted to kill him when I had the chance. Many have died at his hands, including... including our own father. I have heard that he has come to this region, and I hope to meet him one day, to rectify my previous mistake...

–The Surgeon

He can also be pickpocketed for all four of the potions that he carries. If he turns hostile from a failed pickpocket attempt, The Surgeon may be killed without loss of Reputation. He begins the fight with Shadow Door and Magic Missile spells.

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