The Tale of Captain Brage, also known as Recovering Captain Brage, is a side quest from Oublek in Nashkel

You can find Captain Brage in the Archaeological Site area south of the Lighthouse, along the coast. He is towards the southeast, near an overturned wagon. When you approach, Laryssa will plead to spare his life. If you chose to kill Brage she will turn hostile. Captain Brage will ask you to solve a riddle. If you answer his riddle correctly, he will come with you and you can resolve the quest peacefully. If you answer incorrectly, you will have to fight him. In either case, you get his cursed sword.

If you choose to kill him, you must bring his body back to Nashkel to get your reward. Turning Brage's Body in to Oublek gives 500 xp in addition to 250 gp. The actual killing of Brage yields an additional 1400 XP. The temple awards 1000 xp, 1000 gp and Reputation +1 for bringing Brage there alive.

The answer to his riddle is 'Death.'

(For the most experience, bring Brage in peacefully, get your reward, then kill him for 1400 XP; this doesn't decrease your reputation. This makes Nalin hostile, but you can kill him also with no reputation drop, and he rewards another 1400 xp)

Sparing his life leads to Brage's Life Spared.


You will likely have several, or many, rumor-based entries for The Tale of Captain Brage in your journal before you actually learn about the reward, making this a true quest. You will have to kill Brage and carry his body back to Oublek to collect the reward.

  • Triggered By: Speaking to Amnian soldiers in Nashkel
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: The Tale of Captain Brage
  • Entry Title: The Tale of Captain Brage
  • Quest Begins:
    There is a large reward for the head of Brage! His former comrades seem unwilling to try to collect it, however.