The Vampire's Revenge (The Vampire's Revenge +1 in-game) is a cursed longsword. It can be obtained from the Ghost of Ulcaster by bringing the Ancient Armor and the Idol of Kozah to him.
This ornate weapon has "Vampiric Sword" written in bold Common text along the entire length of its blade.

— Unidentified Description


It would seem that the very speculation of this weapon's existence has conspired to pull it from the realm of fantasy and into the everyday- though, as with all things that come from dreams, it is not as it truly seems. The blade is indeed vampiric, as the name would suggest, though not in the manner the finder might have hoped. It is rumored that the blade, instead of performing as one might think a vampiric blade would, was actually constructed by vampires as a trap for those that could eventually oppose them. These incredibly clever fiends have apparently fashioned numerous versions of these unfortunate blades over time, and they are the bane of all right-thinking adventurers. Each swing actually inflicts damage upon the wielder, as his life energies are drained in order to heal his intended victim. Were this not enough, the weapon is cursed so as to prevent it's removal, and the user is smitten with a wasting of the mind, that he might not even think of trying to rid herself of it. This may be among the few magical treasures that are simply not worth the trouble of seeking, and one might better spend ones time having a lovely beverage, rather than gallivanting about the wilderness with a pack full of rubbish chasing phantoms.


The Vampire's Revenge is particularly useless for combat since it heals the target and injures the wielder. Typical healers such as Clerics and Druids cannot use the weapon since it is a sword.

An unorthodox play-style involves equipping the sword onto a sword-capable character with at least 20 Constitution to heal wounded party members (a Constitution greater than or equal to 20 allows lost hit-points to naturally regenerate over time). By default, only Kagain has 20 Constitution by his stats alone, although it is possible for Gorion's Ward if the player rolls a sword-wielding class with high Constitution then further raises it to at least 20, using the Manual of Bodily Health or Buckley's Buckler (BG:EE). Transfer of HP's is done by preferably removing the armor of the target then hitting them with the sword. Each successful hit drains 6 HP from the wielder and heals the target for 7 HP (regardless of critical hits, the transfer is always the same). Afterwards the sword can be removed by using a Cleric's 3rd level Remove Curse spell. Over time, the party member who had wielded the cursed sword will regenerate all their HP's from natural regeneration. Compare this healing method to a Cleric's 3rd level Cure Medium Wounds spell which only heals 14 hit-points.

Theoretically it can be more efficient to heal using The Vampire's Revenge since multiple characters can be healed this way instead of using multiple heal spells to heal each injured party member individually; furthermore healing is limitless thereby saving numerous heal spells and potions. The cost of this method is time to transfer HP's, time for the wielder to regenerate HP's, and a Remove Curse spell.


  • Regardless of the 1D8+1 damage in the description, characters cursed with this item seem to reliably heal targets for 7 hp while incurring 6 hp in damage; generating a bonus of 1 hp.