Leila is a resident of the Fishing Village near Baldur's Gate who recently lost her husband. She can be found insider her house which is the westmost house in the fishing village. When spoken to she seems frightened and when asked what is wrong she will tell the player there is a zombie behind her house that she would like killed. The zombie is later revealed to be her deceased husband and depending on the player's decisions she may have to leave her home.

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Baldur's Gate Edit

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I did not lie! I never made a contract with this... this thing behind my house!

But with my husband, I made one... *sigh*. Here is the contract he is talking about. See, it stipulates that I shall remain his faithful wife, even after his death. I... I couldn't possibly know this man would pay a necromancer to call him back after he died!

Do you have any idea what I've been through lately? I loved him... I signed the contract because I was determined to stay faithful to him as long I intended to live on his wealth, even after his death. But that... that... that is sick!

He came back through this door, on the first night after they laid out his dead body at the temple. He looked better than he does now, but far too pale and... strange to see him walking. I had to prepare him a bath, wash him, and... I ran out screaming.

The others drove him away, and now he lurks behind the house. No... if you don't help me to end this nightmare, I will have to leave... without a single gold coin, just as the contract dictates it. know, the whole situation *is* totally hilarious. Maybe I will become a storyteller and earn my money in the taverns along the way. There is carnival in Nashkel, or so I've heard...