The hunt for Valygar Corthala is a companion quest in Shadows of Amn campaign.

Just outside of the Council of Six Building is Madeen who wants you to go inside and talk to his master about working for the Cowled Wizards.

Inside, Tolgerias states that several Cowled Wizards members were killed, and he wants you to bring the murderer in for justice. The target of your manhunt is Valygar Corthala, and you can find his home to the left of Temple of Oghma in the Docks district of the city.

Valygar's servant has some info if you pretend to be a friend, or just search upstairs for Corthala Tax Notice which gives you the same clue revealing the man's property is in the Umar Hills area.

Valygar's Cabin is located northwest of the Umar Hills maps, he has some goons outside his house, tell them that you aren't here to hurt their master if you're not looking for a fight. In his house, Valygar tells you that he killed the Cowled Wizards out of self-defense because they needed him, dead or alive, to open up the Planar Sphere, which was created by his ancestor, a lich named Lavok and Valygar would like to remove him, with your help.

  • Kill Valygar and use his body to open the Sphere, giving him to the Cowled Wizards results in a less than spectacular gain for you
  • Tell him to "proceed as he wills" he will go to his home in the Docks. Now whenever is convenient, go to the Slums and enter the Planar Sphere
  • Let him join for 9500 experience

Gameplay Edit

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    COADCNTR00004  BG II: SoA
    This icon stands for the Shadows of Amn campaign of classic Baldur's Gate II
    Getting three Rings of the Ram: Pickpocketing Tolgerias for the first; kill Valygar and stuff him in the Bag of Holding, report to Tolgerias and claim the second as reward; with the body not disappearing from the bag, open Planar Sphere, finish the sphere story line for number 3 Verification needed

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