There's a WHAT in their chicken? is a side quest that can be acquired in the Umar Hills in Shadows of Amn campaign.

The hidden gem Edit

At the north end of the village talk to the farmer Jeb (x 3775, y 1550), tell him that you are an adventurer. Turns out for a little money he has a little adventure for you. He says that he saw the chicken farmer putting something in his chicken, doesn't know what, but it must be worth something.

Go left then down, talk to the chicken farmer, Erlin Hendrick (x 3225, y 1900). The jig is pretty much up, and you can end out buying or robbing whatever is in the chicken. It is a Beljuril gem, with a rough value of about 600 gold, it's also a component to get Iron Horn of Valhalla.

Gameplay Edit

In classic games you may steal the gem from the “middle south” chicken ahead then talk to Erlin to obtain another.

No longer possible in EE.

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