Thieves' Guild


Baldur's Gate East


Shadow Thieves



The Thieves' Guild is a guild that is hidden at the back of a normal looking house and is where the Shadow Thieves reside. The guild is located in Eastern Baldur's Gate.

At the entrance there is a Guard who demands the password. The password is FAFHRD. If you give him the wrong answer he will attack, giving him the right answer will allow you go in and out of the guild as many as times as you want without interruption.

Inside the Thieves' Guild are many thieves and bards, including a female called Black Lily who will sell you some useful items. Attacking any person in the building will cause the whole guild to attack you. Also inside the guild are Narlen Darkwalk, a common thief, and Alatos, the leader of the guild. They both have side quests for you to do, though are not good for those who want to keep a good reputation.

In Chapter 7, there will be a staircase that leads downstairs into the Thieves' Maze. Going through the maze will lead you to the Undercity and eventually Sarevok.

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