The Thieves' Maze is a long maze that leads to the Undercity. It is only accessible by going downstairs in the Thieves' Guild.
Theives' maze

At the beginning of maze the player finds Voleta who has been injured by the fleeing Sarevok and tells the player about the maze ahead. Throughout the maze there are many traps and creatures, which include different jelly monsters, one or two Doom Guards, and Skeleton Warriors. The first two Skeleton Warriors to be encountered are extremely difficult to defeat; they have very high magic resistance. Before those skeletons, there are two traps; one that triggers a lightning bolt to fly down the passageway, another causes a fireball to fly toward whoever sprung the trap. At the end of the maze is Winski Perorate. He also has been injured by the fleeing Sarevok and he will reveal his role in the plot and Sarevok's plans. You can kill Winski at this point although it will result in -2 reputation.

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