AR1600BG1worldmap Cloakwood Druids is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Third Cloakwood, also known as Cloakwood Druids, is an area in Baldur's Gate. After Second Cloakwood, this area feels positively idyllic. Wildlife encounters are few and mostly non-venomous, and rest is mostly uninterrupted.

History Edit

The local Shadow Druid faction's dealings with the Iron Throne have made them unusually hostile, even to Jaheira's pacifist druid faction, and Shadow Druids will be hostile if she is in the group. If Jaheira is in your party, you may only speak to EldothLaskal and Faldorn without being attacked on sight.

The bridge and the remains of ancient roads suggest that this part of the Cloakwood was once less of a wilderness area than now. Patterns in the routes the roads follow even suggest that some of the impenetrable wooded areas, for example around 1750, 1300 and 300, 1550 may conceal foundations of ancient buildings.

Enemies Edit

  • Brown Bear, Black Bear, Cave Bear
  • Huge Spider
  • Tasloi
  • Wild Dog, Wolf, Dread Wolf, Vampiric Wolf

Encounters Edit

  • Izefia 2100, 1450 tells of an "infidel in a cave to the northeast."

Companions Edit

  • Eldoth is on the near (S) side of the river at 3180, 3490. He offers the Eldoth and Skie side quest if you invite him into your party.

Related quests Edit