• Store price changes based on reputation and charisma, selling price changes based on how many same item one vendor have and some vendors buy staff on higher prices. According to the above, the infobox info about store price and selling price should be deleted, the only useful info is item value.


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    • Everything has value or it wouldn't have a price when one walks into a store. Now granted, the storekeep my not buy the item and if nobody buys it so be it. But a value will still be given in your inventory.

      Selling and store price should be listed for a base value of Reputation 10 and Charism 10-12. Yes there will be differences based on values outside of this range and that's ok. By listing a "base" selling and store price, this allows a player to gauge whether or not they want to haul it to a store and sell it.

      Example: Item A has a base selling price of 100. Knowing what your Rep and CHR are, this gives you an idea of how much you'll recieve for the item should you try to sell it. If your lower than base Rep and CHR, you get less than 100. If your higher, than you might get more, or maybe not. But it does give you a value from which to go by, which is better than nothing at all.


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    • I understand your reasoning, and may even accept it, but don't fully agree with it. If i would search for the price of an item, i would rather like to know how to calculate the correct value from the base price, than some estimated amount. But we can provide both information of course (so i should create a page about how to calculate prices¬†:).

      Ok, you say that store prices should be listed at Rep 10 and Chr 10-12, i can live with that. Note that you used selling price in your above example, which is not based on reputation and charisma, but the amount of same items at store and some vendors give better prices than others. So should we list selling prices as new sell (no similar item in store) and a generic store?

      A further complication about prices, that the same item could have different value in different editions/parts of the game (or so i assume, i can't give a particular example all of a sudden). This could be handled maybe by the same way as by the way ammunations "max. stack"?

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    • There are MediaWiki extensions that can calculate values based on the input user gives (so user will say how much reputation and charisma and what store he's currently at, and it will show the exact price). I'm not sure if they are installed in here, though, I'll have to check it. For the time being though, as infobox already states, it's good that the item value depreciated the selling/buying prices, especially since the latter is even more undocumented (depreciation value)¬†:)

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