• I've noticed that the spell articles are very unorganized as far descriptive layout goes. Would  it cause any consternation to go through all of them and create a standard format for each of them.

    Begin with a general discription (or maybe just ditch this and use the in-game description first)
    Then have an In-Game Discription using just the discriptive wording and not the stats since they are listed in the infobox
    Then have a where to find it section

     I would be happy to undertake this activity. Thoughts?

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    • It seems that these halls are a little hollow nowdays :D

      I look into your work and it's an improvement as i see, so keep it up in my opinion.

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    • Thanks. I'm trying to make them look clear and concise, without stepping on anyone's toes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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