Three Old Kegs
Three old kegs


Drinks and rooms


Nantrin Bellowglyn



Three Old Kegs is an inn which can be found in Baldur's Gate North. This inn receives patrons from all classes

One person inside the inn is Areana, who wants you to kill Cyrdemac in the Elfsong Tavern. Killing him will get you 500gp.

Also, on the second floor there is the Skull of Kereph behind a painting. Collecting this and giving it to Agnasia in Baldur's Gate West will net you 1000xp and 1 reputation point.

Rooms and drinksEdit

This inn offers all rooms for the usual prices in the game:

  • 1 gold for peasant room
  • 3 gold for merchant room
  • 5 gold for noble room
  • 8 gold for king room
Drink Gold Rumor chance
Mead 4 19%
Evermead 20 80%
Winter Wine 2 35%
Berdusk Dark Wine 5 50%

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