Tiax WILL rule ALL!

Tiax is a chaotic evil gnome cleric / thief multi-class character and a potential companion.BGTotSCBG:EE

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast Edit

Recruitment Edit

Tiax is available from Chapter 5. He's found near the Flaming Fist headquarters in Baldur's Gate Southwest at 1440, 1610. Talk to him, agree to join him, he'll then be off to conquer the world, follow him and serve him well.

Relationships Edit

  • Ajantis will eventually attack any of the evil party members, but you can call him off by controlling him to do something else.
  • Tiax will eventually come to disdain Quayle, the other gnome companion in the game and express relief should the latter die.

Gameplay Edit

Tiax has a Summon Ghast special ability, which is very useful against basilisks and sirines because ghasts (as undead) are immune to petrification and charm. Despite its slow movement, the ghast is one of the best offensive summons, having 3 attacks per round (apr) that will paralyze opponents with successful hits unless target saves vs. death and/or cause disease unless target saves vs breath.

As a gnome with 16 constitution, Tiax has a +4 bonus on saves vs. Spells and Wands. His starting equipment is a mace, leather armor, a sling and 15 bullets.

In-game biography Edit

When asked about his past, TIAX ignores you entirely, preferring instead to loudly proclaim what is in store for his future. He obviously worships Cyric, but also seems to share a touch of his madness. Tiax unquestioningly believes that he is destined to rule the world, and his fervor makes him blind to the ridiculous nature of the goal.
He seems harmless enough for now.

Quotes Edit

You! Tiax would speak at you, for 'tis destined to be so! Initial meeting
Tiax will rule... from a distance! Morale failure
Tiax is impressed with this group! You will continue to serve him once he rules. Happy
Tiax fails to see how this will aid in his ascension! Unhappy-annoyed
Continue with this unprofitable behavior, and Tiax will seek his destiny elsewhere! Unhappy-serious
You are unworthy to sit at the feet of Great Tiax! I shall find another for that exalted spot! Unhappy-break
As it should be! Tiax was destined to lead! Leader
Tiax needs rest if he is to rule! Tired
We get no closer to world domination just standing about! Bored
Tiax will smite thee! Battlecry1
Destiny had best hurry. Tiax does not feel well at all. Hurt
When Tiax rules, this forest will be lumber for but a leg of his throne! Forest
When Tiax rules, the stones of this city shall build his castle! City
Why must Tiax traverse this dank hole?! Cyric said nothing of soggy boots! Dungeon
Tiax must squint in the sunlight! One day, revenge shall be his! Day
Night would DARE hamper the sight of Tiax?! Night
Who dares prod Tiax?! Select1
Tiax hears ya. Select2
Soon Tiax rules! Select3
Tiax is as Tiax duz. Hm-hm. Action1
Tiax WILL rule ALL! Action2
Tiax moves. Make way! Action3
Ya little monkey-spanker. Action4
When Tiax rules, breeches shall not ride up so wedge-like! Action5
Tiax does as ye will, but one day... BOOM! He rules! Action6
The day comes when TIAX will point and click! Action7
Where will your learning get you when Tiax rules? Duke of manure at best! Interaction1
Sure you be smart, but none are grander than Tiax!


Thou wouldst mock me? Ye stiff-rumped foole!


All the world will tremble beneath the feet of Tiax!


Tiax and his greatness shall squash you as a bug, you... you—you... insolent BUG!


Ah, your goals are petty in comparison to the wonder of Tiax! Insult1
Do as ye will, but 'tis for naught! Tiax must rule! Special1
Has Tiax mentioned he's going to rule? 'Tis inevitable. Special2
Blast you! Escaping the inevitable rule of Tiax by dying? Coward! To death-general
Ha ha ha ha ha! Smart guy dies, and Tiax goes on to RULE! To death-Quayle
Your insults carry little sting. Tiax knows he will rule in the end. To insult1
Ye cup-shot muttonhead! Tiax will slap ya silly... when he rules!

To insult2

Give thy tongue a holiday! Tiax so commands!

To insult3

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Edit

Tiax finally gets himself locked in jail. Travel to the Flaming Fist Headquarters in Chapter 7 (SoD) and you'll find him in a cell northwest, he won't be available as a companion, and most of the dialogue options you have are to mock him, he'll fell unconscious after trying to attack you barehanded from behind the bars.

When you return to the headquarters later in Chapter 13, you'll find Clara in the same cell instead.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Edit

In Shadows of Amn, Tiax is in a cell in the asylum Spellhold, a place where the Cowled Wizards keep their prisoners. He is put there because of his want for world domination as it would cause destruction if he tried. He cannot be recruited.


Tiax is quite insane and lives under the delusion of grandeur. He believes he was chosen by Cyric himself to rule over all and his ego far surpasses his stature or abilities. Most of the time he is oblivious to anyone other than himself.

External links Edit

Tiax article at the Forgotten Realms Wiki, a wiki for the medieval fantasy universe named the Forgotten Realms.

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