Notable Tieflings

Raelis Shai, Haer'Dalis

Tieflings are the product of human-fiend crossbreeding. They are similar to cambions, their half-human, half-fiend counterpart, though tieflings are the result of half-fiends breeding with ordinary mortals

Tieflings tend to have an unsettling air about them, and most people feel uncomfortable around them. Most tieflings retain some physical characteristics of their demon parents; the most common features being horns, tails and pointed teeth, while others have more subtle markings such as unusual skin or eye color.

Tieflings’ abilities in general reflect their heritage. They are intelligent and agile creatures and in spite of their appearance, alluring and charming. However, they were also quick to anger. They make excellent thieves and mages.

Like other races that were the result cross-breeding, tieflings have no true culture they could call their own. Tieflings are generally scattered among all planes and there is no nation that can claim to be their homeland. Their personality and beliefs are dependent on their upbringing and their attitude towards their fiendish ancestry. While some embrace their demonic side, others fear and shun it. In general, tieflings are not necessarily evil, though they usually retain the chaotic nature of their demon parents.

Tieflings, nonetheless, are generally feared due to their heritage and this prejudice has turned them into self-reliant loners that are hard to trust others of any race, even their own.

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