Wizard may cast Time Stop, causing the flow of time to cease for a short period.

Rogues, except shadowdancers, are also capable of stopping time but with trigger condition and for a shorter period.


Upon casting a Time Stop spell, the wizard causes the flow of time to stop for 1 round in the area of effect. Inside the sphere, the caster is free to act for 3 rounds of apparent time. The wizard can move and act freely within the area where time is stopped, but all other creatures are frozen in their actions, for they are literally between ticks of the clock. The spell's duration is subjective to the caster. Nothing can enter the area of effect without being stopped in time also. When the spell's duration ceases, the wizard is again operating in normal time. Note that all spells cast during the Time Stop will take effect immediately after time returns to normal.

Where to obtain its scroll Edit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

Gameplay Edit

  • Casting Time Stop during time stop will only reset the 3 rounds timer not add more time to the elapsing countdown
  • Combine Time Stop with Improved Alacrity, Robe of Vecna, and Amulet of Power which literally remove the pause between castings, allowing the wizard to machine-gun Magic Missile or other spells of chosen. Haste may also be used to greatly hasten projected images for quick slot scrolls casting, though does not benefit from Improved Alacrity if used this way
  • Physical attacks against affected creatures during time stop bypass THAC0 & Armor Class system, melee swings will automatically lands on victims, ranged weapon projectiles will travel in air then hit on targets once time starts to flow again. All touch spells such as Vampiric Touch and all Power Word spells take effects instantaneously but spell projectiles will have to wait until the duration ends to hurl to the direction, just like the physical projectiles. Observe carefully which spells travel fast, which are slow, which spread slowly and which are instantaneous, and treat them accordingly to get the desired occurrence order. For example, if you cast Improved Alacrity, followed by Spell Thrust while standing close to the target, move a few yards back and cast Spellstrike to the same creature, walk further away and cast Breach & Spell Trigger:Lower Resistance x 3, then a little further away to machine-gun Magic Missile, you first nullify Spell Shield protection (if any) by Spell Thrust, then Spellstrike will come to destroy all other spell protections (if any), finally the third wave will strip Shield plus any magic damage resistances present on the target (if any) and MR will be brought down to a reliable level by the sequencer, leaving the creature susceptible to magic missiles
  • You may toss items into companions' inventory during time stop but exchanging them is forbidden, unless, of course, you steal them, so ready your gears before you enter the motionless time nexus
  • In the Enhanced Edition end-game superbosses are immune to time stop; confirmed for Amelyssan, Balthazar when using Lunar Stance, Draconis, the Ravager and Abazigal. The latter in his dragon form is immune to it in Throne of Bhaal as well.