The events listed on this page are not essential to the plot of the game, but help to give context. The last year in this timeline is the year the game is set.

DR is the method of measuring years used by most humans in Faerûn, and stands for 'Dalereckoning.'

100 DR: The city of Athkatla is founded.

1281 DR: A party of adventurer's stop the Baatezu Belhifet from using Creshinibon to conquer the Icewind Dale. (The events of Icewind Dale take place.)

1345 DR: The Flaming Fist is founded as a mercenary group.

1356 DR: The Iron Throne organization is created.

1358 DR: Bhaal, the Lord of Murder, perishes in his mortal form.

1363 DR: The Second Dragonspear War happens, entrapping countless souls in the Nine Hells after a horde of devils storms Dragonspear Castle.

1368 DR: The Iron Crisis begins and Gorion is murdered.

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